Award Winning Coss Stationery Supply

Gyeong-Gyu Jeon Shows The Coss Stationery Supply

Gyeong-Gyu Jeon, the architect of the displayed project Award Winning COSS Stationery Supply demonstrates, ‘Coss’ will decrease worry of users regarding tools even when it comes to an unexpected works. ‘Coss’ will provide four stationary functions such as a pen, a sharp pencil, a knife and a ruler, at the same time with convenience of carrying various tools in one product. It means that you can write and draw lines with a ruler and cut with one ‘Coos’. Carrying many stationary supplies is inconvenient and there is a chance to lose one of them. But ‘Coss’ can gather all of supplies automatically, so it cannot be easy to lose. Also, with squared shped tool, it's easy to grip..

Award Winning Coss Stationery Supply Images:


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