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Pinocchio is a project of custom poker cards consisting of Sapphire, Vermilion and Collodi's decks. Sapphire is focused on the Blue Fairy and on her parts in the story, whereas Vermilion is dedicated to Mangiafuoco. Finally, Collodi's Pinocchio is a special edition that holds all the cards from Sapphire and Vermilion decks in a book-like tuck box. Designed and produced with the patronage of the National Carlo Collodi Foundation, the project depicts and enhances the original novel by Carlo Collodi "The Adventures of Pinocchio" in both its joyful and dark moments.

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The Australia collection is a set of wooden magnetic toys. Some of the defining features are: each toys is made of several parts that can be assembled and disassembled using magnetic joints, puzzle-like toys, unique minimalist design, collectable toys, true handmade toys and decoration, from the initial drawings to the packaging, everything is made by hand.

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AR Human Science series

AR human science series is a professional anatomy model with AR learning contents. It uses the smartphone app to interact with anatomy model and discover how every aspect of the organ functions. Realistic 3D animation takes kids through each body’s system, from the skeleton and muscles to the vein and nerves. Also, kids can take photos or videos with AR organ animation to show their friends how it works. This product is designed for children to learn about human biology with the help of AR technology.

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ahaDRONE Kit

ahaDRONE, a lightweight drone designed to fit within the 18 inch square corrugated board, a paperboard engineered for aerospace applications. The flatpack do-it-yourself kit includes all components necessary to build a cardboard drone along with a detachable safety guard. The assembled drone has an all up weight of 250 grams and airframe weighing 69 grams. The flight controller includes accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer, can be interfaced with I/O devices to extend its functionality. The opensource design, software and electronics makes it fun to build and fly a drone.

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MakerBrane's Branes are a constructive play ingredient designed to encourage hybrid constructions and aesthetics, creative thinking, and re-use. Each of the 3 modules has its own personality. They combine together in thousands of ways to create solid or moving joints and structures. They are sufficient by themselves, but unlike closed brand systems, Branes are universal connectors compatible with third-party parts. Everyone can become a designer-maker when not obliged to think inside the box. Kids can be creators of their own playthings, not just consumers of toys.

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P Y Lung

Is a toy-like device design for all ages so that everyone will be benefit from regular breath training to enhance lung capacity by blowing the ball to pass through tracks with different checkpoints in controlling the inhale and exhale of air. The tracks comes in various module, flexible and interchangeable. A magnetic mechanism structure designed in the breath builder which provide adjustment to suit one’s respiratory condition.

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